Fingerplays with Nina White

Do you know what a 'fingerplay' is? Let Nina White, from the James V. Brown Library in Williamsport show you how these simple games develop your little one's Early Literacy skills.  PARENTS: the first five minutes of this video are for you. The activity to share with your child can be seen starting at 5:22. 

Mother Hen Fingerplay

In her first video, Nina White spoke of how these simple fingerplays do surprisingly important things to help your child's brain, bodies and self control grow. She has another quick demo that you're pre-reader will enjoy. 



 Pam from the James V. Brown Library's Storymobile has a fingerplay for you. Parents, these little games are something your child will love but they are also vitamins for the brain and body. Your child will be developing small motor control while they play along with Pam (and you).

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One Little Red Fish

 Join Ms. Robin from the James V. Brown Library in One Little Red Fish. It's a fun one.

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