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Trash to Treasure

Steve and Amy started you off with a few ideas about how to create art with what you find around your home in their last video.


Here are some more ways to hone your artistic skills while staying, playing and learning.

Making sculpture with what you have around the house.

Steve and Amy Colley

Catch the Colley's at the Dietrich Theater later this spring (we hope).

Art with the Colleys

Create Characters, Create a Story: Foil and Paper Mache

Amy and Steve are back with another great 'things from your home' art lesson. 

Use your imaginations and explore the world of sculpture with a family-friendly foil and paper mache art project.  We invite you to gather up household items to use to make sculptures like aluminum foil and plastic utensils, as well as tape, newspaper, and glue,  and get to work creating sculptural masterpieces. 

Music with Lauren Scavone: When the Train Comes Along

In the video I mention using shakers. If you don't have egg shakers or maracas at home you can easily make them. Put a handful of dry beans or rice into a clean, empty plastic bottle and close the cap tightly. Or instead of a plastic bottle you can use plastic Easter eggs (just be sure to secure with tape). Make a few so that the whole family can join in the musical fun!

And here is a Poetry prompt! 
Use these to spark your next poem, story or artwork. Just click on the button to download your prompt

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Easy Paper Beads with Esther

Did you know you can make beautiful beads from items you already have in your home? Easy peasy!!  All you need are some magazine pages, or any paper, glue and toothpicks! Here is a short, easy to follow lesson on how to make Fun and Easy Paper Beads by Dietrich Instructor Esther Harmatz.  Use your imagination to create colorful, lightweight beads that can be then strung to make necklaces, earrings or bracelets!  By using colored paper, or left over Christmas wrapping paper you will have fun with the kids making some jewelry that will surprise you!! 

Music for Littles with Lauren Scavone

In this song, the children try to think of different vegetables that a rabbit might eat in a garden. Usually they have no problem coming up with ideas but it can be fun to print out pictures of garden vegetables and let them point to the pictures as they sing. And, of course, don't be afraid to get silly and sing about ice cream or cookies instead of veggies! 

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