Welcome to Breathe/Stretch/Calm with Morgan

The fact is, this is a stressful time for all of us, children included. We'd like to address that by bringing you a series of short, stretching/breathing/calming lessons with Morgan Kauffman. 

Morgan is a wonderful yoga instructor (Parents, check out this link. She has online classes for you as well.

She'll quick breathing/stretching/calming lessons for young learners each day. Morgan's lessons don't just settle your children for learning. They are great bedtime activities as well.

More from Morgan

Morgan has classes and individual instruction available online. Treat yourself (and your family) to one of the healthier things you can do during this hard time.

Visit Morgan's site.

Look familiar?
Morgan knows how yoga can help kids. Here she is at age 6.
Morgan's Journey
You might want to check out Morgan's journey to and with yoga. It's kind of incredible. See it here

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