Challenges 4 Kids


Take a look at this video. Rand will layout the challenge and give you a few tips to make your movie even more awesome.


Dr. Ginny Weibel, Director of the Bloomsburg Children's Museum is going to take you on a journey to a little place we like to call Egypt. Want to hear a 3,000 year old mummy speak? Then listen to this video. 

And, Dr. Ginny has a challenge for you. Write your name in hieroglyphics, take a picture and send it to : We'll post it to this site.

Click the button below to download your Egyptian alphabet.

OK, with this video under your belt and in your brain, you are ready to go out and complete this week's challenge, a Rube Goldberg Machine that fits on your table. Take a look at this video to learn the wonders and power of the humble pulley. Then, build, film and send us your results! Dr. Ginny, Director of the Bloomsburg Children's Museum will show you the pulley and give you your challenge (there is something you need your machine to accomplish.)

For more simple machine lessons and ideas, click here.

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